Miro Stojkovic

Miroslav Stojkovic was born in 1955 in Nova Varos, Serbia, Yugoslavia. Having spent his childhood painting and drawing, he decided to take up an artistic career after school. To become a professional artist, Miroslav Stojkovic undertook many private art lessons in Belgrade, Yugoslavia. His unique style of painting soon developed and, since 1991, he has been living and working in the UK as a professional artist. Miroslav Stojkovic prefers to paint in oils, water-colours, and pastels and his favourite painting technique involves the use of a pallette knife. He particularly enjoys painting architecture, including old towns, buildings, castles and street scenes. He also paints nudes, still-life subjects and scenic landscapes. Over the years, his paintings have become highly sought after and he has exhibited at leading galleries in Yugoslavia, France, Germany and Greece. His paintings are now bought by collectors all over the world.

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