Roger Vilamont

Roger Vilamot was born in Alcoy, near Alicante, Spain, in February of 1947.

At 20 years of age, Roger Vilamot attended art lessons at the studio of renowned Catalan artist and political activist, Jordi Carbonell, who passed on his extensive knowledge of painting to his student. Immediately, Roger discovered a world where he could transmit his love of nature onto the canvas dramatically, and landscapes and seascapes became his preferred subjects. Roger has an extraordinary skill in capturing the qualities of light on water, creating oils as hypnotic and fluid as the sea.

Roger Vilamot’s artistic career spread, first around Spain, and then internationally, to Russia, Argentina, USA, France, Italy and now Britain. On one of his trips to Italy, Roger was introduced to the Italian Art Academy of Naples. Later, he was named as the Official Academic Lord of the Italian Art Academy.

Alongside his own painting, Roger Vilamot also works for well-known Spanish art magazines, ‘Galart’ and ‘Arteguia’. Roger’s work is new to the UK, making this a very good time to buy one of these atmospheric paintings. He has ben exhibited at 2002 ‘Galerias Iris’, Madrid, Spain; ‘Galerias Pablos’, Gijon; ‘Galerias Costa’ Diego, Oviedo, Spain and ‘Everarts Gallerie’, Paris, France.

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