Richard Pargeter

I am lucky enough to be able to paint virtually every day in my local studio. I find that an early morning visit to the gym gets me going, both physically and mentally, so I try to start every day in this way. I like to reach my studio feeling positive and full of energy, and I’m sure this contributes to the fact that I always seem to do my best work in the morning! I generally tend to try and work a nine to five, as like everyone I have a finite amount of energy and I don’t want to produce substandard paintings through tiredness. As I said, I am at my most productive in the morning, and I think this is also partly due to the light that comes streaming in at that time of the day. I am quite organised and tend to concentrate on one piece at a time, although I do usually have some experimental work on the go concurrently, which often no-one sees but me! On a good day, the ideas just flow and I love the time spent in the studio and can’t wait to get back in there. Sometimes it is rather more like hard work, but either way, I still find looking at a finished composition an immensely rewarding experience

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