Sue Bartlett

Sue Bartlett studied at Thames Valley University, Reading and graduated with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art in 2005. She now works from a studio in Mortimer, Hants and regularly exhibits work in galleries across the UK.

Sue Bartlett comes from a family of makers, parents, grandparents and siblings who made their living as furniture makers, seamstresses and French polishers. The familiar scents and textures of their raw materials were part of her childhood and she felt that although their 'art' was their occupation, there was still a deep fulfilment to the 'making' and producing the extraordinary out of the very ordinary.

It is this fascination with the process of making and the experimentation of materials that she brings to her own work, producing colourful, abstract wax pieces that are tactile and have been described as 'organic' and almost 'edible'. She enjoys the idea that they appear to be spontaneous and gestural and yet are very carefully considered both in the choice of shape and form and of colour.

Sue's work is innovative, using materials that have existed in art for hundreds of years but with a unique slant.

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