Sarah Adams

Sarah Adams; I have always drawn and painted. After 'A' levels, I went to
Loughborough college of Art & Design where I created a portfolio of work on
a Foundation course. From there I gained a place at Coventry University and
studied on a BA (Hons) Fine Art Degree Course. I graduated in 1996. In 2000
I wanted to develop my art practice and went back to Coventry for a one year
Masters programme. During this time my art work developed both in technique
and content. My subject matter is the many feelings described as love. With
paint I am putting form to the ambiguity of feeling. In some of my art work
I try to instil a buoyant mood that comes with a new feeling of love using a
strong outline and bright optimistic colours. In other paintings the love is
deeper and more complex and the heart becomes fragmented, and the image is
reworked to become multilayered. I use the heart motif to clearly indicate
the content of my painting. I want my paintings to create a positive impact.
To me they are a focus on the important things in life - the people and
places I love.

Sarah is a full time painter, based in Surrey.

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